The Shop

>> Okay, there’s been a fair bit of rumors going around about something fucking with the shadow scene in München the last couple years. I figure we should consolidate what we know about it as well as what we speculate. < Vollblut >


  • There’s an organization going by the name of the Shop
  • They’re only operational in München <mod> They’ve been confirmed active in at least the Allied German States and Corsica
  • They show an unusual interest in street people
  • Groups purporting to be with the Shop have been encountered by known runners


  • The Shop has corporate ties (unknown runners with way too standardized training)
  • They are connected with Tamanous (the obsession with street people)
  • A Great Dragon funds them (they’re operating in München, therefore in Loffwyr’s range, so he must know about and condone it)
  • They’re run by the Infected
    >> Oh, come on, what evidence is there of this? The Loffwyr connection is tenuous but makes some sense. This is just out there. < Fact Chuck Dot Ergh >
    >> I poked around at a warehouse liberated by Bagheera and his team, and seems the mainframe mentioned some of the Infected as being “cared for” there. Bagheera didn’t mention any Infected, so it follows that they weren’t being held. So it makes sense that the Infected are running things! < Twitch >
    >> That’s a bit of a stretch even for you. Put down the betameth pipe. < Gloria Petri >
    >> Play nice, boys and girls. We’re straying a bit far from the topic. This is the “speculation” section; even wild speculation applies here. < Bastard Bediener von Hölle >
  • It’s connected with some Fourth Reich groups – by clearing out street folk, it’s a lot like they’re trying to “clean up the race” and seem to have both humans working relatively freely and metas and metasapients working under rather forced conditions. Something’s more than a little off here, in any event.


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