Welcome, chummers. Scanning these datafiles will get you information some folks consider “in character.” If you want to get the lowdown on München in the shadows, point your commlink to the München Datencachespeicher. There may even be some datafiles of other locations added sooner or later.

Feel free to annotate information here. The rule is to format annotations like this:

>> First Post! <Twitch>

Also, annotations are meant to add to the angles – they may be false or misleading. They may be 100% chip-truth. Some netizens of the Datahaven can be argumentative, and some helpful. The way us neo-anarchists roll is that you counter bad info with good, you get the pic? So no erasing other comments.

GM note:

I reserve the right to revert information if something goes too far, but otherwise feel free to add to this IC section – especially in the Datahaven.


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