"JJ" James Jordan

Ares Exec in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department


Loyalty: 5 Connection: 5


JJ was born & grew up in Tir Na Nog to an elven father and a human mother. His mother runs a pub in Ireleand and told JJ tales that his father was an elven prince.

After attending Oxford in England, JJ was approached by Ares Macrotech and offered a great job and salary in Seattle. He now heads the mergers & acquistions department.

He has an 7 year old daughter attending a private school in Germany. He was never married to Calla’s mother. The mother dropped a 4 year old Cala on JJ’s doorstep and disappeared.

JJ & Bella met in Denver while on vacation. Their relationship started on a dare from Bella’s friends. At the time, JJ & Bella did not know that they both worked for Ares.

"JJ" James Jordan

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